Saturday, May 9, 2015

Love life and live happy

Full moon of emotions.  The end is in sight for the next full moon to bring change, vision and purpose.

I did a reading for myself as I've not been having the greatest time at work.  It's been draining alot of my soul energy and emotional happiness.

This weekend I'm all about healing and starting the head and heart space to make changes.   The energy and emotion around these cards I couldn't draw the meanings till the next morning. Here's sharing with you the cards..

1. Knight of Swords (Air)
Do not let emotion come between you and your purpose.  Refreshing honesty not acknowledging the possibility of failure.

2. XIX The Sun (Major Arcania)
Renewal of life, confidence and clarity of vision and purpose.  Find strength in the nourishing glow.

3. Page of Wands (Fire)
Creative and passionate knows her mind and forthright.  Seek out opportunities thay might be frightening ut have so much potential! Things that push you to the limits are the most rewarding. 

4. Eight of Pentacles (Earth)
Great patience and attention to details. Be absorbed in a project, seek out knowledge but do it with practical experience and application of self, skills and intellect.

5. Queen of Wands (Fire)
She commands a presence and is dedicated, cheerful and upbeat.  Her presence exudes confidence and she can handle anthing and everyone.

6. Six of Pentacles. (Earth)
The cycle of Dependencies, between having and not having. Linked circumstances - who has the power?  One is supporting the other.

7. Ten of Swords (Air)
Misfortune, the end of delusions, acknowledgment of circumstances out side of our control.  Ride it out and pick up the pieces when things come to halt and learn from the experience.

The first three remind me of what I love about me and being me. The last four are all about what I need to do and what kind of opportunity to be looking for.  The type of project I need.  The last two cards are hard.  I don't fully understand and don't think I will till I have the power of hindsight...

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Off the grid


Thinking about my upcoming trip to America to Burning Man (OMG I STILL NEED FLIGHTS) I have been looking at some amazing pictures of Off the Grid homes.  Check out the photos on my photo blog:  They're beautiful and more and more I am craving the bush, camping, water in lakes and rivers.  Which is ironic considering Burning Man is a desert. In a dried up lake bed.  However it is self sustainable, and eco-friendly... for the week that the city exists...
I'm looking forward to a week offline, disconnected and blissfully out of touch with reality.  

Living off-grid, or off-the-grid (OTG) means living in a home that operates without using municipal water, gas, power, sewage, or other publicly supplied utilities. Instead, off-grid homes use renewable forms of energy such as solar, wind, and geothermal technologies. A number are heated via wood stoves. Many also use a number of inventive water capturing and repurposing systems, such as rain barrel water collection, grey water systems, composting toilets, energy-efficient appliances, energy-efficient lighting, non-electric/hand-powered appliances, and passive heating/cooling systems (which involves the use of methods such as layering clothing for warmth during cooler months and closing window blinds to keep out heat during warmer months).

Our modern world has jaded the population into believing we need certain things in order to survive. The internet, for one. A cell phone. A car. But what if I told you a person could have all of these things, and still live off the grid?

Nick Rosen, author of Off the Grid: Inside the Movement for More Space, Less Government, and True Independence in Modern America, says: “You can’t get off all of the grids all the time. It’s a question of which grids you choose to get off of and in what way and for how long. [But] going off the grid is not a game. It’s real life and a real choice for real people.”

“The era of 40 acres and a mule has been replaced by the era of a half an acre and a laptop and a solar panel.”

If you’re interested in learning more about off-grid housing, Off-grid andLiving Off Grid offer storehouses of information on the subject.

Wonderful Witchy Wednesday

Wild Witchy Wonderful Wednesday.

I was going to do another "Things I love Thursday" as I haven't done one in I think at least over a year.  But here I am, on a Wednesday writing again.   Today I feel rested, invigorated, lighter, happy, excited and ON.

I think tonight will be my Spring Clean night.  The intensity of the Moon has died down, the Eclipse has happened and my body is starting to recover.  I'm successfully fighting off a flu with Androgrphis, Echnacia and Olive leave - which has surprised me.  My major injury of last week; a dislocated elbow has calmed down.  It's not broken which is a HUGE relief and I have physio today!

I'll do a Tarot Card reading tonight as this is a real change - I feel seriously on the cusp of something magical and very exciting.   I have no idea what, but I think writing this down, sharing it is putting the magic out there and I'll look back on this post and have that glorious moment of realisation.

I had a very real moment of intuitive magical foresight or deja vu last week.  To the point of thinking I think this IS going to happen, I can feel it.  Literally not more than 10-20 minutes later BAM.  Bicycle accident.  Dislocated elbow, sore hands and skinned knees.  I was travelling slower than I would have been otherwise and SO many people jumped out to help me, it was a moment that really restored my faith in Humanity.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Witchy Queer: Friday the 13th with a sassy bite on the ass

Burning Man 2015: Self love and sensory overload

You must love yourself first and foremost. It wasn’t until Amani and I had done much inner healing work on ourselves that we had the adhikara to attract this kind of partnership. You get what you put into the world, especially in relationships where the other person is always your clearest reflection. If you fill yourself with love, love will be reflected. One person could never be everything you need, and it’s selfish and unreasonable to place that burden on someone. Instead, be whole unto yourself. Fill yourself with radiance, love, fullness, dreams, aspirations, joy, beauty, and magic and you will find that your partner is simply pouring magic and wonder out of their pores for you as well. Then you exponentially better each other. Become vessels, and like two mirrors held to one another whose mere proximity turns them into an infinity mirror, you will grow infinite depth between you.
A person’s heart is a precious and highly sensitive gift — don’t grip it! Hold it gently and reverently in your open palm, let it soak in the fresh air and sunshine. It’s been caged in your partner’s ribs for so long. Now that it’s with you, give it the freedom to fly. To love someone unconditionally is to desire their happiness without rules and conditions as to how they may seek it, or to require that they appease your own selfish comfort zone and personal triggers. To trust someone completely is to honour and value their integrity, to know they will make good decisions for themselves and the partnership. When you are free, every day you spend together is a conscious choice you make — a privilege rather than an obligation.

Quotes directly from here:  Burning Man and Wife

I'm currently learning a brand new way around my heart on a new level. I've been doing allot of reading, self analysis and love. Talking to a psychotherapist and really learning to love myself and understand my purpose and sense of personal value to myself.

It's a glorious experience. I'm glad I have the intelligence and self awareness. It's exciting and empowering to fell strong and grounded. With that foundation I can entertain the idea of sharing my life and affections without losing my own self, and be strong, relaxed and confident doing so. Although without acknowledging my vulnerability and nerves - it's an exciting prospect, possibility. Adventure...I'm looking forward to going back to Burning Man 2015 to revisit my awareness of myself.

Looking back to last year: So there I was, walking through the desert, tears streaming down my face, wondering why the hell I had spent so much time and energy to get here. For what, I wondered? For this sensation of being completely overwhelmed and this moment of loneliness? Realising that I needed to love myself, like really open up and experience life, be open to experiences.

I realised that this feeling of overwhelming angst and complete sensory overload, that the fact that my system literally couldn't handle one more thing (in retrospect) is exactly what I had come for -- the time and space to get real with what I was feeling about the my life at large, to actually take the time to feel the stress in my body due to overwork, non-stop noise and complete lack of opportunity for a break or real mental rest, go-go-go, me-me-ME world we are living in.

Time to reconnect with the real inner me; not the appearance, the perception or any of the responsibilities of day to day life.

2015 has been such a year of heart warming growth, friendship, excitement and love. I look forward to the curve ball and discovery that will happen this year. That week where the Default world stops and gives me a moment to experience sensory over load and GET what I'm actually feeling. Dig up my subconscious feelings and become at peace with all the change, the emotion this year has already thrown at me - and the rest I anticipate experiencing between now and then.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Unplugging: reconnect with Nature

Amazing views from the top of the hills, all over the bay.  What you can't see is all the tiny yachts and sail boats. The seagulls soaring around over head. And the smell of the ocean.
This is how you do camping, yes otherwise known as Glamping. It's practically luxury.. Luxury wrapped in 4 walls of canvas. The sand, sea smells, moonlit walks on the beach at 1am.

Bacon and eggs cooked under the trees, delicious hot and sweetly smelling mixed with the scent of pine cones and damp earth.  Followed by a cheeky magpie looking for food tit bits.
Wineries you know will be good, when you drive up and smell sweet fermented grapes.  Walk in past barrels of Pino Gris... I tasted, appreciated and snaffled me a bottle!

Nothing beats mood lighting for Tarot cards like this.. candles, sea breeze.  Mmmm so delicious.

All that white sand and seaweed.  

Witchy Queer: The day I made a friend cry and realise this is more powerful than me!

I like to be a little magical, a Witchy Queer... and I don't care if this all sounds a little like fairy tales and bull-shit.  To me it's a special gift and a sense of self awareness that not everyone is blessed with.

I've always known, and had the oddest people tell me they can feel my energy or that I've clairvoyant talents.  However to me it's more than that.  It all stems from a belief system.  I'd like to share with you mine and how I've rationalised it to satisfy my sense of needing balance of mysticism and reality.
Fate or Destiny?
I believe that you can control your future, you can change or influence your life path.  Otherwise look at me, I was born to be a housewife, in a good christian family, have 3.5 kids a husband and a picket fence.  Or at least that's the dream for me my parents had and they, bless their hearts did every thing they could to give me the best start on that path. Obviously this post is a sign that didn't happen..

So if I believe that you are the owner of your life, your future then how does that tie in with clairvoyant things, magical life and tarot?  To me this they are all a thought prompt, a indicator to be mindful around a certain thing, situation or thought.  More often than not it's the kick in the nuts that your sub-conscious needs.  Going on the thought process that not everyone is as in tune with their intuition this is very useful.   Sometimes with a touch of magic...

After a beautiful day out in the gorgeous Melbourne sun, after another gorgeous festival day my friend and I went for a lovely dinner then off to Luna Park for one quick round on the funniest Ghost Train I've ever been on in my life.  Hilarious!

The ghost train ride got us talking about Tarot cards.. and having had a set myself now for a couple of years, and getting more in tune, and better at reading, spreads and helping my friends with the meanings of their cards, I suggest I'd be happy to do a reading for her.    Back at my house, candles burning, the most delicious Godess incense burning we were ready to go.

I love creating an atmosphere conducive to relaxing and getting in tune with your self, getting your head straight and loosing all distractions...  My room is perfect, candles, a light breeze from the open door onto my deck.  Outside the solar rainbow mini lights are all lit up, the scents from the candles is sweet and there are so many the room actually warms up the cool night air just a touch.  I have a couple of incense sticks alight and the mood is perfect.  I set up my cards in front of a gorgeous painting of my three eye'd all seeing pink watermellon godess.  She's beautiful.  I organise the crystals, I really don't have enough I realised at the time, all pointing to the middle to channel energy.  
I've always been pretty on point when doing readings for people but this time was so much more, I really didn't expect to feel overwhelmed and the energy was so intense.  I've never had someone cry.  It was both beautiful, scary and intense all at once.  You realise with these things you're not just talking flippantly about things, it's so much more and deeper.  Life, like big decisions, love, hearts... this is the real slide of magic.  In this case Tarot cards that couldn't have been any more perfect for what she had going on..  Trippy.  

I think readings need aftercare, just the same way intense and emotional sexual experiences do.   That safety, grounding, bringing back into reality after an experience.   Hugs, a card covered in wax and glitter that has the cards that we pulled all written out.  A drink or for the smokers a ciggie... all things to calm the heart and allow the brain to absorb the thoughts..   Like sex it's another expression of vulnerability in this case definatley both sides - that so many people are afraid of.    I was in awe, and then super exhausted.

And so, in conclusion, MAGIC.  Also, this shit is powerful.


Saturday, May 10, 2014

Burning Man 2009

What will 2014 look like? 

Festivals, Thanks Melbourne you're amazing and I love being in you!

I've been to four festivals this year alone just in Victoria, out of Melbourne. And I plan to go to at least a few more this year here.
But also I managed to get my tickets to Burning Man!  Soo fucking happy.  SEE YOU IN A FEW MONTHS BURNING MAN! Can you just imagine it, I'm doing my happy dance around the bedroom?  I fully condone jumping on the bed in situations like this!!  Bring it on!

Now just to persuade the Beaverton Camp crew to pick me ( I'm not quite sure how that bit works.)
Is this proof enough that I'm keen enough guys??
See this?   I was newly out and you'll helped soooo much, and now I really want to participate, contribute and give back. I still have this from Burning Man 2009!

Be good to people

Even shitty ones.

Be a rainbow in someone else's cloud

Well I think I have covered on the colourful requirements.

Crazy? Let me get down off my Unicorn and slap you!



All of the time.

And proudly weird.

If one more person says "That's so gay"

I'll shower them with glitter like a baptism of STUPID.

Credit: see picture.


I love you, you have ever reason to live

Hey you,

You reading this now! You're beautiful and have every reason to live.

I love you.

How to be a Trans* Ally

More content on my other blog.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Seasonal Defective Disorder or Winter Blues part 6

BRING ON SUMMER TIME!!  June, July and August in the Southern hemisphere are the crux of winter, often cold and wet in the more tropical countries and of course the days are shorter and darker and less sunny.
In many species, activity is diminished during the winter months in response to the reduction in available food and the difficulties of surviving in cold weather. Hibernation is an extreme example, but even species that do not hibernate often exhibit changes in behavior during the winter. It has been argued that SDD is an evolved adaptation in humans that is a variant or remnant of a hibernation response in some remote ancestor...  Yes I may have been hiding under my warm wee rock, but its cosy and safe.  I'll surface soon

If you do find yourself with the winter blues, here are a few tips that have really helped me in the past month. Transitioning in two months from 37 degrees through to 3 degrees has been a little draining and daunting to lil  ole me who takes a bit to get acclimatized!

Friday, September 6, 2013

NZFW 2013: Annah Stretton

Based on the entire theme of Alice in Wonderland - from props, set, pre show characters, right down to the fabric in the garments this was truly a childhood story brought to life!  The Cheshire Cat, painted by BodyFX and the Mad Hatter Opened the  Annah Stretton show, prancing up and down the run way which was split down the middle by  line of vintage tables covered in cupcakes, macaroons, tea sets and flowers.  I knew we were in for an exciting show.

Featuring two halves to the show, and man frock coats, and suits,  dresses with many petticoats and flounces to the second half predominately spotty.  Polka dots on everything, reversed in black and white, huge floral crown hats made by Pheonix Cosmetics really tipped of the whimsical look and fairy tail feel of the whole show..

Nerida Cortese as Alice dancing with the Mad Hatter down the runway mid-show just added the final touch to the amazing production by Jonathan Smith.  Perfectly timed and choreographed, Nerida wearing a pretty circle skirt dress by Annah Stretton just made it perfect.  Even though it didn't seem to be the initial plan the runway audience loved being able to swarm the run way and snap both pictures and a cup-cake at the end of the show.

NZFW 2013: Pia Boutique

Opened by another Melbourne based Kiwi Esther Stephens singing a beautiful song "Under You" wearing a signature smock dress, hemmed with cute frills in bright blues, pinks and aqua marines.  Definitely an exciting way to engage the attention of a runway audience overwhelmed by the amount of shows at fashion week.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

NZFW 2013: NZ Weddings Magazine Show

Apart from being SO super excited about this show and my favourite New Zealand gown designer John Zimmerman, who has a store in Eden Terrace on Mt Eden Road, the NZ Weddings Magazine show is the most fabulously sparkly show of all Fashion Week this year.  With no jewelry or Phoenix Makeup shows to spice up the variety on the runway this year, it has to be one of my top favorites so far.

Opening with Vinka Design and high lighting with the menswear of Crane Brothers strutting dapperly down the runway.  Sara Lilly included almost a dozen children in her section also, cute little barefooted boys and girls, really making the crowd "Oooohh" and "Aaaaahhh"!

Sara Lilly even included a nod to #EqualLove / #MarriageEquality with a "Here come the Brides" sign held by two little boys and a pair in a gorgeous cream satin pants suit and bridal gown.  Nicely played Sara, I like.

NZFW 2013: Deryn Schmidt

When one heads off to the races, Melbourne Cup, I'm looking at you! One wants to be all dressed up lady-like or be the one with a lady on your arm.  I'm down with either option, give me a lady date wearing Deryn Schmidt pants suit or pencil skirt and we'd make a eye-catching pair.

Again using sheer fabrics, but textured sheer, in both black and brown, half sheer leggings matched up with a strapless fitted corset bustier top in patterned plum colours.  The feature fabric was a gorgeous dark brown/purple colour with images of old flash units off vintage cameras...  You appeal to my love of vintage things!

My favourite look of the collection has to be the jacket and skirt combination in  almost hounds-tooth pattern but all black with a glisteny shine to it.  Teamed up with tall heels and dark glasses and a vintage inspired curly waved bob it was a fierce power female look that I love!
Lastly I note the fantastic hats.  Large "Sunday's in the park" look with large brims and covered in sparkly jewels over the top they were eye-catching and something I think I'll be investing in to survive a Melbourne summer!

NZFW 2013: Zambezi

Zambezi has always been a brand that I've felt conflicted about.  I love the dark all back style.  I'm totally a black wearing girl mixed up with all my bright pink its almost my uniform.  However the style of clothing is interesting,  large and over sized hasn't always been my jam, although I'm starting to like more things of that style the more I see them.  But Zambezi has always been the leader in that style.  It takes a strong sense of style identity to wear it.  To me your beige is an easy out.

This year they pushed the envelope even further by completely opening up the backstage area.  You could see the changing racks and the make-up artists, the stage crew, the backstage photographers and the designers running around organizing the long line of models onto the run way.

Having lived directly opposite their new head offices on Canada Lane in Newton, Auckland I've seen the hours they work and the hustle and bustle of running one of New Zealand's largest design houses.   When I find a piece of Zambezi that looks amazing on me and it ends up in my wardrobe, trust me I'll be letting you all know.

The mens wear I do admire tho and would be happy to see garbed on my dates. Tailored winter coats in heavy fabric with corded detailing and prefect finishing, the dark green and blue vinyl and plastic looks I think I'll leave for someone else however.  They really did surprise with a dash of red, coloured with pink on a slightly sheer textured dresses and mens and womens shirts in an "almost" floral pattern.

NZFW 2013: Andrea Moore

Andrea Moore was a love bright dash of colour a midst a day largely dominated by dark colours and over sized or unfitted clothing.  Its was a complete wake up to my senses,  colours of the season for A/W 2014 from Andrea Moore definitely feature strong  nectarine oranges, vivid magenta pink which hints at almost being fluorescent.  Royal blues and bright avocado greens mixed with geometrical prints dare anyone to wear them and not stand out.

My favourite piece of the collection has to be the hot pink jump suit.  Although a jump suit would really challenge my body confidence with pleats and gathers around a higher sitting waist, the colour is just FANTASTICALLY bright, and I love it.  Teamed up with a complimentary purple blazer coat it just looked great.

The rest of the collection was full of florals, tailored dress pants for your corporate Remuera business woman with too much money to spare or a fancy out for that special occasion.  What edged it up a little were some awesome wee vinyl  harness waistcoats.  Made of wide thick straps that came around the shoulder and across the back I love the idea.  One with faux fur shoulders actually made me super excited I think I'll have to get my hands on one myself....  I like this challenge!

NZFW 2013: Company of Strangers

Doll faces, not a smile to be seen, grungy styled hair, dark make up and fishnet tights.  Company of strangers show was grimy, dark and brooding, hosted in the underground car park of the Sofitel hotel, just down and around the roadworks detour from the Fashion Week venue, the Viaduct Events Centre.

High platform wedge boots by Chaos and Harmony were amazing and fitted the style of the show perfectly. I think this sign from back stage sums it all up perfectly. Love it!!

I'm pretty sure I'll have a huge list of "WANT" when this range comes out.  The dog collar necklaces with chain detail,  the over whelming amount of sheer fabric in a gothy winter collection!  The excessive use of vynal mixed with base fabric in black, dark green or deep plumy red colours.

Nose to ear chain rings are COOL... I'll have to dig mine out... although it wasn't something I brought with me.  Tunic dresses in rib fabric, side splits and the hottest leather look crop tops.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

NZFW 2013: Lela Jacobs

Not quite knowing what to expect when I sat down at the Lela Jacobs NZFW show, my heart beat quickened when a guitarist and singer/keyboardist stepped out to play the show sound track live.  A hauntingly eerie beginning to a collection show I've fallen in love with.   Himalayan Sherpa Gothic chic mixed with a little ice queen.  For myself,  huge fan of alternative fashion style, darker and androgynous clothing the Lela Jacobs show, "The Keep" will be something I'll be putting on my shopping list once I am back in Melbourne!

A monochromatic color palette of predominantly blacks, grays, whites and neutrals accentuates the conceptual silhouettes and strong lines of a Lela Jacobs design.  The show opened with a major impact,  tall dark African looking girl in black goddess robes.  Layered fabric, robes and tunics, some with Asian inspired collars and other long garments with a shirt collar and shoulders draping down to frayed edges and deconstructed hems.   Printed in white across the shoulders or legs was the stylized words "de-centralized".

Favourite pick of the collection would be the only one pair of stretch sheer soft cotton like black leggings with the font "de-certralized" printed up one leg.  I'll be on the hunt for a pair of those.  My inner gothic tendencies were excited.  Although I'd team my outfits up with loads of colour, I love the dark over garments, the fur and leather waistcoats and shrugs I need in my Wardrobe to survive the next Melbourne Winter.

NZFW 2013: Twenty Seven Names

Opening with a nod to school boy chic and casual street glam for winter, Twenty Seven Names show was a cute selection of skater dresses, tailored pants, dropped waistlines and 90's cardigans.